Ronald Reagan, John Paul II, and Fatima – Crisis Magazine

It was June 6, 1987. Ronald Reagan was on his way to Rome to meet with Pope John Paul II. Their first meeting at the Vatican had taken place five years earlier, June 7, 1982, whereupon the two men shared their mutual convictions that they believed God had spared their lives from assassination attempts the … Source: Ronald Reagan, John Paul II, and Fatima – Crisis Magazine

The Washing of My Feet

At Mass on Holy Thursday, a priest will wash feet of 12 people. This is to show humility of service. Jesus washed the apostles’ feet to show them what kind of priests he wanted them to be, to serve not to be served. I once had the complete humiliation of having my feet washed. It was not on Holy Thursday but it was part of my The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) class. The RCIA class is a class for converts to Catholicism. I’m not sure if washing of the feet is a standard for all RCIA classes…