Removed Catholic Facebook Pages Have Been Restored

Update from yesterday’s post regarding the mysterious removal of 24 Catholic pages from the Facebook social network. All 24 pages have been reinstated. Why were these particular pages removed? As of 9:00 am this morning, no explanation has been issued. Thus far no apology has been given. I would really like to know what happened. Did an anti-Catholic group report these popular Catholic sites as spam? Disgruntle employee? We may never know. The wonderful news is that the removed sites are back. Evening update: Facebook has sent their official explanation for the removal of the Catholic pages. According to Facebook,…

Is Facebook Anti-Catholic? Anti-American?

Without warning, Facebook has removed Catholic pages from their social media network. According to ChurchPOP, there are at least 26 confirmed Catholic pages that have been removed.  Please read the original post from ChurchPop here. So much for Facebook’s neutrality. I get that Facebook is a private company. I get that they can kick off anyone they want. I find it extremely disturbing that Facebook is so anti-first amendment and so anti-Catholic. I hope this is just a huge misunderstanding. I hope Facebook apologizes and reinstates all the Catholic pages it removed. In the meantime, there is a new social…

Chicago Candlelight Procession to Honor 100 Years of Fatima – OnePeterFive

Yesterday, I received an email from Father Joshua Caswell at St. John Cantius parish in Chicago. They have an event coming up this weekend and they want to “fill the streets of Chicago” in honor of Our Lady. “This Saturday, May 13th,” he writes, “in the streets of Chicago, thousands will peac Source: Chicago Candlelight Procession to Honor 100 Years of Fatima – OnePeterFive

Cardinal Sarah: Fight against abortion is ‘part of the final battle…between God and Satan’ | News | Lifesitenews

‘The most striking objective sign indicating that we are going into the abyss, a bottomless pit, is the tragic force of the rejection of life.’ Source: Cardinal Sarah: Fight against abortion is ‘part of the final battle…between God and Satan’ | News | Lifesitenews

Lent Starts Tomorrow

Lent starts tomorrow. Are you ready? This year, instead of giving up something, I have decided to “take on”, if you will, things to strengthen me spiritually. There is always something new to learn or relearn about God, Christianity and the Catholic Church. Besides, I’m already giving up most of the foods I love to lose weight and become healthier. If I gave up the foods I’m eating now, well that would not be much of a sacrifice. I also thought about giving up social media. Considering I have been avoiding social media, due to the smear campaigns of the…

Now That Everyone Cares About Pederasty … – Crisis Magazine

We have Milo Yiannopoulos to thank that everyone all of a sudden cares about pederasty, even those who have never commented on it before. We can now expect an awakened pundit and policy class to notice one of the serious problems in the homosexual world. Right? In case you don’t know, almost overnight, the writer … Source: Now That Everyone Cares About Pederasty … – Crisis Magazine