Is Facebook Anti-Catholic? Anti-American?

Without warning, Facebook has removed Catholic pages from their social media network. According to ChurchPOP, there are at least 26 confirmed Catholic pages that have been removed.  Please read the original post from ChurchPop here.

So much for Facebook’s neutrality. I get that Facebook is a private company. I get that they can kick off anyone they want. I find it extremely disturbing that Facebook is so anti-first amendment and so anti-Catholic. I hope this is just a huge misunderstanding. I hope Facebook apologizes and reinstates all the Catholic pages it removed.

In the meantime, there is a new social media platform out there that is all about free speech. The network service is called Gab ( It was created after social networks like Facebook and Twitter were caught suppressing conservative articles. Gab is not just for conservatives, it is for people who are sick of the monopoly the Left has within social media networks. It is for people who are tired of virtue signaling, fake news and the intellectually dishonest narrative. It is for people who embrace freedom of speech, ideas, thought and opinion.

2 thoughts on “Is Facebook Anti-Catholic? Anti-American?

  1. They’re still Hacking & illegally Punishing Americans Patriotic Posts While Allowing Posts for American Hate


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