Lent Starts Tomorrow

Lent starts tomorrow. Are you ready? This year, instead of giving up something, I have decided to “take on”, if you will, things to strengthen me spiritually. There is always something new to learn or relearn about God, Christianity and the Catholic Church. Besides, I’m already giving up most of the foods I love to lose weight and become healthier. If I gave up the foods I’m eating now, well that would not be much of a sacrifice. I also thought about giving up social media. Considering I have been avoiding social media, due to the smear campaigns of the Culture Marxist Left, this too would not be much of sacrifice.

I’m looking forward to Lent. I pray for a good Lent. During the Obama administration, Christians have had a battling to keep their 1st Amendment rights. The right of freedom of speech and most importantly, the freedom of religion. If you spoke up for traditional marriage, you could lose your job or business. The government HSS mandate forcing people of faith to pay for abortions, something that goes against their conscience and faith. I thought after the election, the worse part of the fight was over.  I didn’t think the Left would stop but I thought it would calm down after the election, at least until the next campaign cycle. I was so naïve. It is getting worse by the day and it doesn’t look like they will let up ever. Everything is so upside down, what is wrong is right, what is evil is good. We are bombarded with false information and propaganda 24/7 from the so called news. Astroturf riot and violence against free speech and this administration have become the day to day norm. It is insane and it is not going to let up anytime soon. I’m looking forward to Lent because I need to rejuvenate and renew. We all need to rejuvenate, renew and gain strength to continue the good fight.

If you haven’t made a Lenten plan, it is not too late. If you need a few suggestions, below are a few, free, online sources.

USCCB (United States Conference of Online Resources For Lent.

Ignatian Spirituality Lent Resources

Living Lent Daily

I hope everyone has a blessed Lent and will be praying for all of us.

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