I Stand For Free Speech, I Stand With Milo Yiannopoulos

I sat in horror as I watched, via live video stream, the riots at UC Berkeley. It was so surreal. These Marxists seemed to morph into creepy, hateful, minions. They would creep, one at a time towards the building, drop something flammable and then run back to the crowd. Creep up to the building, knock something over and run back to the pack. Once the fires started, they all seemed to rush the building and started breaking everything in sight.

I’m not surprised at the escalation. This sort of violence happened during the election to Trump supporters and has been encouraged by the Left, especially from Hollywood. Hatred fueled by the main stream media’s fake news; the Democrats’ lies and twisted truth; George Soros funded astroturf campaigns and the Hollywood elite. The rioters scream “NO FASCISTS” but they are the fascists. They say “NO KKK”. The KKK is a white supremacy group that was the strong arm of the Democrat party. They used to intimidate, hurt and kill minorities, gays, Jews, and Catholics. It seems to me that these rioters are the new KKK. And by the way, Milo is a gay, Jewish Catholic who dates black men.  The rioters say they believe in free speech just so long as it isn’t “hate speech.” Hate speech to them is anything that they don’t agree with. I don’t know how they would know if they agree with Milo since it seems that they only listen to fake news; lies and twisted truths from the mainstream media as well as Democrats and the Hollywood Elite.

What is hate speech exactly and how does it hurt you? It seems to me, that it is all about hurting feelings. So what, your feelings were hurt. Words do not take physical form and physically hurt you. Paul Joseph Watson once said something like, “Words don’t suddenly sprout fists and punch you in the face.” I don’t think you can die from hurt feelings. Hurt feelings are not a valid excuse to physically hurt other humans, start fires, damage property and riot. Don’t these thugs know the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”?

Way back in the day, I remember when Howard Stern hit it big on the radio as the number one shock jock. I remember people talking about him and I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. I listened to the show…once. He was horrible! I could not stand him and I still can’t. What did I do about it? I refused to listen to his show ever again. Apparently some people like him and that is why he still has a career. Mr. Stern has a right to say what he wants and his fans have a right to listen. For me, I also have a right not to hear him and so I turn him off. It is that simple.

By Paul Carr [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Milo is different. He is different because he is a minority who doesn’t fall in line with the Democrats’ victimhood narrative and group speak. He is an individual thinker that doesn’t need the Left to tell him how he should think, who he should like and what causes to stand behind. Not only that, but he debunks the Democrats’ narratives with REAL facts and statistics. This is why the Left hates him and so they try and shut him down. They call him a white supremacist on TV and in the news. Of course it is not true and eventually the Left will retract but nobody hears or sees the retraction.

Does Milo say or do things that are over the top? Absolutely! But if you don’t like him, don’t listen to him, don’t buy his book and don’t read his column. Protest if you want but peacefully and without trying to take over his shows or hurt and intimate anyone. Milo has the right of free speech. Milo’s fans have a right to hear Milo speak. Nobody has the right to take free speech away from them. Nobody. We need to protect our right of free speech. If the Left can take away free speech from Milo, what is stopping them from taking free speech from you?

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