Mariah, Cultural Marxism, Planned Parenthood and Obama Builds a Wall

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s earpiece didn’t work on New Year’s Eve. So what. Not sure why people continue to talk about it. So she did or didn’t check the earpiece before the show. Malfunctions happen all the time. This is no big deal. Nobody was hurt, nobody died. If you were going to complain about the performance, why not complain about her outfit? We all now know what she looks like naked. I do not need to know what she looks like naked. Children, who stayed up late to watch the show, do not need to know what she looks like naked. I can’t speak for all people but I pretty sure people came to hear her great talent of singing, not to watch her parade on stage with a costume that makes her look like all she is wearing is rhinestones. Why do some talented women think they have to objectify themselves?

Cultural Marxism

Throughout history, every Marxist movement (Communism, Socialism, and Fascism) promoted violence to push their agenda. Cultural Marxism isn’t any different. I was stupid enough to think once Trump was elected that things would calm down a bit. I was so wrong! Things have escalated. I can’t stop thinking about the white young man who was kidnapped by the 4 black young adults in Chicago. It is horrific enough that our young people are killing each other on the West and Southside of Chicago, now they have moved to torture. If the neighbor didn’t call the police, what would have been the ending to this already heinous act of evil? Since the 1930s Saul Alinsky’s radical socialism has infiltrated the city of Chicago. He is the so called father of community organizing. Alinsky taught that you should treat an opponent as a dangerous enemy and to blame that opponent for the particular problems or “evils” you may be facing at that time. Basically, you need to bully your opponents into submission. This hate always escalates into violence. President Obama, the former community organizer, used Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals throughout his presidency. If this hate doesn’t stop, just look at the West and South sides of Chicago to view the future of America. Look, your neighbor is not your enemy, the devil is. Cultural Marxism is an ideology of the evil one.

Planned Parenthood

A Republican House panel urged Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. In a 471 page report, this panel explains 15 criminal referrals for further investigation and prosecution. I really hope 2017 is the year that this baby part selling, eugenics, unborn baby killing, harmful to women, intrinsically evil organization is defunded. President-elect Trump says he is prolife and I believe him. I just hope that the people in Congress who say they are prolife are indeed prolife. Last year Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood, Obama vetoed the bill and then Congress was unable to override the veto. Sometimes I wonder if some in Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood knowing that it would not come to pass.  I hope not. I hope they are truly prolife and we defund Planned Parenthood this year.


Obama’s wall

Well it looks like Obama is having a wall built around his rental house in Washington D.C. It seems that people like Obama and Mark Zuckerberg believe in open boarders unless it comes to their homes. Both have criticized President-elect Trump for wanting to build a wall at the boarder of Mexico. Apparently rich people and their families deserve protection, but you and I do not.

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