Feast of The Holy Name of Jesus

Originally posted in 2015.

Modern Catholic Woman

January 3 is the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. And, the month of January is dedicated to the Holy name of Jesus. Jesus is the most beautiful name of all time. In Hebrew, Jesus means “God saves”. Yet so many people use the name Jesus or Jesus Christ as a curse. Why is that? And, why do some people add an “H” between Jesus and Christ? What does the “H” stand for?

I have to admit that there was a brief period in my life in which I had the most terrible habit of saying “God” when I wanted to make a point. I don’t know where that habit came from, I have no acceptable excuse. I wasn’t raised in a household that used God’s name in vain. Yet, there I was using God’s name in vain. Most the time I didn’t even realize I was saying it…

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