Stressed? I May be Able to Help.

Feeling stressed?

Is your boss on your back?

Are your kids or coworkers getting on your last nerve?

Are you too pooped to party?


“Stress” copyright j.utley


I’m so sorry you are going through such a rough patch. Perhaps I can help. I would like to share with you my secret for surviving the rough times. Here’s more good news, for this secret you will NOT need to watch a lengthy presentation, wait through a bunch of pop up ads or spend any money. That’s right, my secret is FREE.

Are you NOW ready for my secret?

My secret is prayer, specifically praying the Rosary. I don’t mean only praying the Rosary in bad times, but praying it daily. Daily Rosary changed my life.

Several years ago I started praying the Rosary daily. At the time, I didn’t see or feel any major change in my life, but I immediately felt calmer and more at peace. During the twenty minutes or so I’m praying, I’m focused on the life of Jesus. The distractions of life do not occupy my mind, only Jesus. For the twenty minutes or so, our Mother Mary is showing us the life of her son, our savior.

I can also tell the difference on the days when I forget to pray the Rosary. One would think that after praying the Rosary, day after day for years, one would not forget. I have forgotten. Changes in my routine are usually the culprit. When this happens, looking back at the day, I can tell a difference in the way I handled things. The little things aggravate me more than they should. There has been huge changes in me but the changes happened gradual, unnoticed. It wasn’t until I started looking back that I realized what a huge difference praying the Rosary daily has made in my life. And, considering I’m a work in progress, I’m sure there are more changes in the future.

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