No One Can be a Sincere Catholic And be Pro-Choice

For 43 years now, abortion has been legal in America. For 43 years now, Americans have been bombarded with abortion marketing to create the illusion that somehow killing an innocent human is not only justifiable, but a “right”. There are also some so called prominent Catholics in political positions feeding more misinformation, making it more confusing. It seems these politicians prefer money from the abortion lobby over God’s teaching on Life. Also, there are organizations with word Catholic in the their title, like Catholics for Choice (CFC), but are not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church at ALL. They are a pro-abortion Washington Lobbyists group. They in NO way, shape or form speak for the Catholic Church. In fact, like the father of lies, groups like CFC twist and confuse the truth until there is no truth left. They do this to promote their evil agenda of abortion. For this post I went on the CFC website. I wish I never did and I now need to go to confession. The articles are so twisted, it made me sick to my stomach. Not only is it not Catholic and goes against the teachings of the Church, it is anti-Catholic and all people of good will should avoid their website.

No one who truly knows the Catholic faith can be for abortion. Wait! I want to rephrase that, no one who truly knows the Christian faith can be for abortion. For the so called Christian that claims to be pro-choice, what part of “Thou shall not kill” don’t they understand? Is it the commandment they don’t understand or is it biology that they don’t get? You are human from the moment of conception, with separate DNA. Perhaps they were misinformed? Perhaps they lack Christian formation? Whatever the reason, I am attempting to expose the misinformation from propaganda of the intrinsic evil of abortion.

One ridiculous justification pro-abortion people use is to say that the word “abortion” isn’t in the Bible. Well they are correct the word abortion isn’t in the bible. Jesus, as far as we know, didn’t use the word “abortion.” The thing is, the Bible is loaded with passages that teach against abortion. It is very clear that abortion is wrong and anti-Christian. There are way too many to mention here, but if you are interested, Priest for Life has an excellent list on their Educational Resource page that you can view here.

Christian teachings are clear about abortion and have been from the very beginning. In the first century, the work, Didache (The Teaching of the Apostles) states “You shall not kill the embryo by abortion.” This is a respect of life, Christian teaching that has always been and will always be. This teaching will not change, it cannot change. This is God’s law and no one has authority over God. Life is a gift from God and should be protected. A great resource for God’s teachings on life is the Catholic Catechism. If you don’t have the catechism as part of your personal library, you should. On the website Priest for Life, they also have a great page titled: Teachings Of The Catholic Church on Abortion.

Many Pro-choice people will say that they are not for abortion but instead are for choice. They say they are against abortion personally, but feel that they can’t force their beliefs on others. This is total garbage and anti-Christian. It shows lack of love and charity to the woman who is considering an abortion, as well as the child that would be killed if the woman decided to go through with an abortion. It shows indifference, self-centeredness and makes you an accomplice to the intrinsic evil of abortion. It corrupts spiritually and psychologically and is extremely destructive. If your next door neighbor was killing the neighborhood kids, would you call the police? Or, would you do nothing because you don’t think you could force your religious beliefs on others?   One would hope you would call the police.

Maybe you were duped by the pro-abortion lies? Maybe you were pressured and without thinking it through, had an abortion? Maybe, through false compassion, you drove a friend to an abortion clinic? Listen, it is not too late to come back to the Church. God loves you and wants you back. There is help out there for you. There is healing after abortion. Please visit the post abortion ministry Rachel’s Vineyard located here for help.

Maybe you think you are pregnant now? If you think you may be pregnant, there is help for you too. Please visit or call 1-800-395-4357 for more information. There you will find real help.

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