Free Pattern for Valentine’s Day

I’m not very good with a needle and thread, but I’m trying. I love the whole concept of hand embroidery. Taking something like a regular hand towel and turning it into a one of kind unique piece. I love the repetition of the stitches, even though my stitches could stand for a lot more practice. I love to pray the Rosary or Chaplet while embroidering. I like to think of each stitch as a little prayer for people I’m thinking about.

I also like to decorate for holidays, even secular holidays. St. Valentine’s Day is no longer on the Church calendar, and if you notice, most commercial products have dropped the “St.” I’m not a big fan of the St. Valentine’s Day decorations you can purchase at the store. Yes, some are nice but most are very commercial. Most of the Valentine’s Day cards out there, the ones the kids give are commercial. Star Wars, Disney, whatever they are selling that year. You know nothing says “I love you” like buying corporate licensed Valentine’s Day cards. I’m sure the corporations can use the money from merchandising.

Personally, I prefer the homemade Valentine decorations and cards. The kind that lets people know they are loved, needed, appreciated or even thought about. The picture is of a hand towel I recently embroidered. As you can see, I need a lot of work with my stitches. Still, mistakes and all, I love my new Valentine’s Day hand towel.

photograph of embroidered hand towel. The embroidery is of a heart and within the heart is a squirel, holding a nut with the words "I'm nuts for you!"
copyright 2016 Modern Catholic Woman


Free Pattern for Valentine’s Day

I have also decided to share the pattern I created. It is a free download. It is copyrighted and so it can only be used for personal use. The pdf has a number of patterns on it for you to use. There are many uses for this pattern, here are a few:

Hand Embroidery
Stencils for homemade cards and party invites
Fabric painting
Paper decorations
Painting on wood

You can download the pdf by clicking the link here.

Please remember when tracing words onto a surface, the pattern has to be inverted (the image needs to be flipped), otherwise your piece will show the mirror image and the words will appear backwards.

I hope you enjoy!

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