No New Year’s Resolutions, Try Good Deed Beads Instead

Happy New Year!

Modern Catholic Woman

Most New Year’s resolutions usually fail within the first month of the year. Instead of making resolutions, why not try daily sacrifices instead? I got the idea when I read about St. Therese of Lisieux and her “pulling beads”. St. Therese would carry in her pocket, a cord with beads on it. Every time she made a sacrifice, she would pull a bead to the other end. The sacrifices she made were gifts to God. The beads are called Good Deed Beads or Sacrifice beads and they are a powerful tool in effort for growing in virtue. And, the best way to combat vice is with virtue.

I decided to “pull beads” instead of making resolutions. However, my sacrifice beads will have a twist, I won’t just keep track of my daily sacrifices but I will track sacrifices for the year. The beads will be loose beads and I will…

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