Welcome Papa!

Tomorrow Pope Francis will be in the United States. I pray that he has a safe trip. I also pray for the safety of all the people who are making a pilgrimage to visit him. I am very excited for his visit! I wonder what he will think of our country. This is the first time he will be visiting the United States, not only as the pope, but this is the first time he has been ever to the U.S., ever.

I’ve been to Buenos Aires and I felt that I was inside the looking glass. It looks and feels just like a major city in the U.S. until you start looking closer. First, it is a melting pot like America, but everyone speaks Spanish. It was kind of like being in a movie that was dubbed in Spanish, only Buenos Aires seemed to capture America far better than Hollywood.

Second thing I noticed is that everyone lets their dogs run wild. They run in packs. Thus, you must watch where you are stepping.

The third thing I noticed is that most people were thin and they ate a lot of meat. I mean, A LOT of meat. I love meat, but after the first week, I was in search of a salad.

Pope Francis is not a political figure, but he is very political. It drives me crazy that the secular media gets him so wrong. It also drives me crazy that people, who don’t understand or know the teaching of the Catholic Church, think they can manipulate the situation to change the moral teachings of Christ. Really? That is insane to me. I figure that I will let God take care of that. In the meantime, the Vicar of Christ is coming to the United States of America. Please pray for him!

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