Judge a Book by its Cover

So it seems, according to the latest secular culture trend, a rich MAN can pay for plastic surgery, synthetic hormones and become a woman. Secular culture believes that painted nails, glamorous dress, makeup and boobs define a woman.

Secular view also says a blue eyed, blonde hair white woman can perm her hair and use bronzer to become an African American. A day at the salon and presto, she suddenly knows the problems that African Americans face today.

According to secular view, you should judge a book by its cover. You should judge a person by his/her skin color and not the content of his/her character. And, only what you see on the outside of a person matters.

You can paint your house any color you want. You can remodel your home to your liking. These actions may make you feel better about the look of your home, however the outside appearance will not change what is going on inside.

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