In Response to a Pro-Abortion Rant: Post One

The other day on Twitter, I received a reply to a Catholic meme I posted. The meme was a picture of the Virgin Mary with the caption “Call Your Mom.” The reply was not about Mother Mary but a pro-abortion rant. There was so much I wanted to say but there was no way I could possibly reply in 140 characters. I decided to blog my response, or I should say responses since it will take me more than one post. I have decided not to include the woman’s Twitter handle because I’m not trying to call her out, I’m just trying to reply in a truth with charity.

Each post will address one statement and/or question. I will highlight the area of her rant that is addressed in that particular post. I’m going to highlight each post with a separate color. Also, I’m going to skip around, so if it looks like I missed something, don’t worry, I will be coming back to it.

Statement/Question for me (highlighted in yellow in the graphic)

“As a matter of fact, an estimated 47,000 pregnant people die every year from unsafe abortions. Is that what you want?”

My Answer

No, I don’t want any women to have an abortion, legal or otherwise. I’m not sure where you got the number 47,000. I did find on the internet that the Guttmacher Institute has an abortion propaganda video online that says “47,000 women die from complications of unsafe abortion.” You implied that the 47,000 are from illegal abortion when, in your first two sentences, you asked me if I know what happens when abortion is criminalized. Just so we are on the same page, it doesn’t claim that the 47,000 are from illegal abortions but are from unsafe abortions. The video implies that they are from illegal abortions even though it is not said. The Guttmacher Institute is the research arm of Planned Parenthood. Since Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the world, I hardly think Guttmacher’s numbers are objective. I will speak more about Guttmacher later in this post.

According to the World Health Organization it is estimated that about 292,000 women worldwide will die each year from complications in pregnancy. Out of those 292,000 women, 23,360 (not 47,000) will die from having an abortion. These deaths will occur in poor countries that have inadequate healthcare and facilities. These countries don’t need more abortion clinics; they need trained professionals, clean facilities and antenatal care.  The West pretty much refuses to help these countries unless they agree to distribute contraception and offer abortion. Ironically, the West will not save women of these countries unless these countries agree to allow the killing of the unborn. Save a life but kill another. This does not sound to be pro-women to me.

From the early 1900s to the mid-1970s, 65,000 African American and Native American people were forced sterilized. Many of these men and women were sterilized without their knowledge. In America, the Eugenic movement has been thriving since slavery ended. The only reason forced sterilization stopped in this country was because abortion became legal in 1973. Since 1973 the eugenic movement now markets abortion and sterilization as a so called right. This so called right is marketed to minorities and the poor. These racist eugenicists even give these crimes against humanity pretty names like “healthcare” and “planned parenting.”

Now, going back to speaking about the Guttmacher Institute…

The Institute was named after Alan Guttmacher, who served as vice president of the American eugenics Society and headed Planned Parenthood Federation for more than a decade. The Guttmacher Institute is the research arm of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood uses Guttmacher’s statistics and data to get government funding. To me, that’s like putting the pharmaceutical companies in charge of the FDA. Every time Planned Parenthood needs money, Guttmacher comes up with the data needed to get the additional funding.

Since Roe vs Wade, it is estimated that over 55 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. In 2012, New York City had more African American babies aborted than born. The World Health Organization estimates that every year there are 40 -50 million babies aborted worldwide. More than half of those abortions are female. I say more than half because many abortions are preform simply because the unborn baby is female. Killing more than 20 million women yearly doesn’t sound very pro-women to me. Of course, I also care about males who are killed through abortion, but I wanted to make sure I made the point that abortion helps kill unborn women simply because they are female.

All lives matter, no matter the color of their skin, gender or how many chromosomes they may have.

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