The Underwear War

I’m sure you have seen, or heard by now, the controversy over the Victoria’s Secret Perfect “Body” campaign. Victoria’s Secret has an underwear line called Body by Victoria. In this line you have a couple of bras with the word “perfect” in the product name. I guess that’s where “The Perfect ‘Body’” campaign comes from. This sounds like a marketing “no brainer” to me. Anyway, the backlash happened when Victoria’s Secret featured an ad with a bunch of super thin underwear models with the words “The Perfect ‘Body’”. Petitions were created and went viral. The petitions claimed that Victoria’s Secret was body shaming larger women. Lane Bryant launched a lingerie campaign showing that you don’t have to be a size 0 to look wonderful in your underwear. Lane Bryant’s campaign is of larger women in their underwear with the hashtag #ImNoAngel. The hashtag clearly takes aim at Victoria’s Secret Angel ads.

Whether you prefer lace or cotton, thongs or panties, beauty is within and objectifying women, no matter what their size, will not change that fact.

So here is what I see coming out of this so-called controversy.

Victoria’s Secret gains lots of free publicity, will sell lots of underwear and make lots of money.

Lane Bryant gains lots of free publicity, will sell lots of underwear and make lots of money.

Many women, who feel beauty is only skin deep, will buy new underwear and spend lots of money.

One thought on “The Underwear War

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