Let God Love Your Brokenness

We are broken. Each of us, through original sin, is broken in some way. Some brokenness is obvious, seen by others, while many can hide their brokenness a bit easier. Many of us feed into our brokenness with the end result of only shattering the broken pieces into shards and slivers. The end result leads to endless heart ache, emptiness and loneliness. This does not have to be.

One thing you need to know is God loves you. God loves you right now, at this moment, brokenness, failures, falls and all. It is of the utmost importance that you remember this. Also, remember, you are never ever alone.

So what can you do? Seems to me that there are only two options, you can continue your path of destruction or you can heal. Yes, your brokenness can be healed. God loves you. Let him heal your brokenness. Take your brokenness to Him. Let Him love your brokenness. Let Him transform the broken pieces. Give God your broken pieces. Let His love, mercy and grace mold the pieces back together. You may not be put back together in the way you think you should be, but the end result will be far stronger and more beautiful than had you not been broken at all. Let Him love your brokenness.

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