My Take on the Election Front for 4/8/15


Yesterday in Chicago, we had the mayoral election. Mayor Rahm Emanuel won his second tern beating out challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. This is no surprise. What surprised me is that Garcia received 44% of the vote. This guy is a career politician who pointed his finger at Emanuel for being a career politician. There was so much wrong with his campaign I could go on and on but there really is no point since he didn’t win. I would cringe every time I heard him speak and do not believe that anyone that cared about the city of Chicago or anyone else but themselves would vote for such an unqualified candidate. It seems I was mistaken.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Mayor Emanuel either but he seems to at least care about not turning Chicago into another bankrupted city. So why did so many people vote for Chuy? Here are my thoughts-

  • Chicago is known for its dirty politics and back room deals. I don’t think Mayor Emanuel played well with the progressives and they decided to stretch their political power. Mayor Emanuel’s campaign was about knowing his mistakes and to give him a second chance. I wonder if that was a message for the people of Chicago or the progressives? The progressives said it was all about the closing of the schools, which I find interesting since Mayor Daley closed a bunch of schools and no one said anything about it.
  • People voted for Chuy not because of the character of the man but the color of his skin. If elected, Chuy would have been the first Hispanic mayor. Considering many people voted for Obama so they could say they made history by voting for the first African American, it isn’t a far stretch for people to do the same thing for a person of Hispanic origin.

Hillary Clinton

Well it seems that the Duchess of the Democrats is made of Teflon.  You may have remembered my post about this administration dethroning the Duchess, but the media is still talking about her as a possible candidate. She has not officially announced. I think with Benghazi and the email scandals she should be in jail not running for office, but hey that is just me.

Ted Cruz

On March 23, Ted Cruz announced his bid for the White House via Twitter. The progressives were ready for him and #WithCruzYouLose (or something like that) was trending the moment he announced. I wonder how much money the progressives spend for their so called grassroots organizations. Anyway, it looks like, with such opposition so early in the race, Ted Cruz has the progressives running scared.

Rand Paul

Yesterday Rand Paul announced his bid for the White House. I’m sorry to say that I was not on Twitter at the time of his announcement to see if there was a planned attack from the opposing side. However, later that evening his name was trending although not as a hashtag slogan. Most the opposition was forwarding an article from the Huffington Post. It was the same article over and over. Perhaps Rand announcing his bid yesterday took the progressives by surprise? Or, perhaps the progressives used up all there originality on Ted Cruz? Who knows, I do know that with so much at stake, it is going to be a crazy road to the election.

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