Palm Sunday Afternoon Blues

On Palm Sunday morning Mass we celebrate Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. By the afternoon, I feel a sense of deep sorrow. Partly, I think I feel this sadness because I know by the week’s end; Jesus will be led out for His crucifixion. Also, I think it has to do with the way the world is moving and how our freedom of religion is being threatened.

My Palm Sunday blues really started the year after the Obama administration released a report from Homeland Security that named Pro-lifers and Veterans as potential terrorist threats. Next it was the HHS mandate and the threat to freedom of religion. More and more Christians and other religious minorities throughout the world are being persecuted; women and children kidnapped and killed or sold into sex slavery; Churches are being destroyed and anti-Semitism is on the rise. Horrific crimes against humanity are being committed daily, much of which this administration and main stream media has been silent about.

I spent the afternoon thinking about all these things. I think about the fact that I too may be put to the test. Will I be strong enough or will I fall asleep? Will I be scared and deny Jesus? I like to think not, but I don’t know. I have never been put into that sort of situation. I mean, it never occurred to St. Peter that he would be anything but loyal to Jesus and then he denied Him 3 times. St. Peter gave up everything to follow Jesus. I on the other hand, had a tough time just giving up bread for Lent. I pray that God does not put me through the test but if He does, I pray He gives me strength to endure.

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