I’m Not a Human Resource, I’m a Human Being

I really don’t like the title “Human Resources.” Don’t get me wrong, I have many friends that work in the field of HR and they are wonderful, great people. I’m not talking about the people that work in the field or the field itself; I’m talking about the term  human resources. I would imagine that the name human resources came about because it was a department that was a resource for the employees. I understand this and it makes sense, but for years now the term has seemed to take on new meaning. This new meaning is not so much within the HR department itself, but from the use of the term by middle-management on up. Instead of being a resource for humans, many people of corporate management treat the term human resources as meaning humans as a resource. More and more I hear, within the corporate world, the term human resources used when describing people. For example, one might say, “We don’t have the human resources to complete that project on time.” Here’s the thing, a resource is an office building, computers, paper, or trash baskets. Resources are things that help people get their work done. Resources are bought, used and then discarded. Humans are not human resources, they are human beings. Human beings that are created in the image and likeness of God. Humans were not created to be used by other people as they see fit.

I would imagine that it is much easier for a manager to justify the layoff of a human resource than to lay off a human being. Resources are objects that were created by man to be used. Humans were created by God to be loved and to love.

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