Go See Gimme Shelter

If you haven’t had a chance to see the film Gimme Shelter, I suggest seeing it. It is now on Prime Amazon. Based on a true story, it shows pro-life people and their pregnancy centers in a good light, a true light. Pro-abortion advocates want the public to view pro-lifers and crisis pregnancy centers as villains that don’t care about women. You hear lies such as “they (pro-lifers) only care about the baby,” or “once you have the baby, they will desert you and your baby.” Nothing can be further from the truth. This movie shows just one example of many lives saved (mother and baby) because people took the time to care about them. People, who believe every life has value. People, who are willing to sacrifice their time, talent, and treasure to help others get on their feet. In fact, not only do these organizations help women and their babies, but there are pro-life organizations that also help women heal from the trauma suffered from abortion. Most abortion clinics don’t even explain the procedure of abortion, let alone help women if something goes wrong.  The abortion business is a billion dollar industry. The welfare of women is really not their concern.

Anyway, see the movie. Below is the trailer for your review.

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