Duchess of the Democrats Dethroned…Again

First off let me start by saying, I do not like or agree with Hillary Clinton’s politics. I will spare you of the very long list of reasons why I can’t stand her politics and just list one, I can’t stand her pro-abortion (pro-eugenic) stance. In 2009, Mrs. Clinton accepted the Margaret Sanger award and in her acceptance speech said how much she admired Sanger. In case you don’t know who Margaret Sanger was, she was the racist, pro-eugenic founder of Planned Parenthood.

Clinton admired Sanger and Sanger admired Hitler. Imagine that (sarcasm intended).

A couple of years before the 2008 presidential election, the liberal media were all a buzz about Hillary Clinton’s potential candidacy. The buzz was not if she becomes president, but rather more like when she is president. It was like the election was already over and Hillary had won. She was the Duchess of the Democrat party.  During the campaign for the Democrat nominee, Hillary seemed to have the backing of all the major Democrats. She and her husband campaigned the country side and it seemed, for a while at least, that Hillary’s dreams of being president were going to come true.

Then one day, from what seemed to come from nowhere, a junior senator from Chicago named Barack Obama threw his hat into the candidacy ring. All of the sudden, all of Hillary’s main supporters moved to the Obama camp. Like falling dominoes her campaign unraveled. Hillary, like a good working clog in the Democrat machine, stepped in line as one of Obama’s supporters. Well, maybe it wasn’t that easy, I would imagine the job of Secretary of State was the consolation prize for her stepping aside.

During the 2012 election, the Democrat party ran on an abortion on demand, no God platform and Obama won (which I still find very hard to believe.) One would think this would set up the pro-abortion Hillary for 2016 and allow her to reclaim her throne as Duchess of the Democrat party. All looked well for Hillary until recently. This time, the administration threw her under the bus even before she could announce her running. This administration, media and the Democrat machine are disassociating themselves from her, but why? I mean, I know and understand the email scandal, she remained basically untouched when the Benghazi attack first broke. The American people demanded justice via social media but this administration ignored their cries. This administration tries to say they knew nothing about Hillary using her own server for emails. Come on! The whole time Hillary was Secretary of State, no one noticed she wasn’t using the government email? I don’t buy it at all. Just like I don’t buy that no one in this administration knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. How they could blame it on a video is beyond me.

Look, I’m not saying she is without fault nor am I suggesting she should run for president. But, this administration is just as much at fault for Hillary having a private email and for the Benghazi attack. I am completely baffled at the blow off of Hillary Clinton by this administration.  Why not do what they normally do? Normally, this administration ignores the scandal for a while and then when someone inquires about it, they say that it is old news and portrays the inquirer as a hater. My guess is that the Democrat machine and/or this administration have a different candidate in mind, but who I wonder? The way I see it, the Democrats don’t have another strong candidate. I don’t know, I guess we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime, I can say what I know for sure. I know that power can corrupt a soul especially extreme power. Some people say that the means justify the end. If the means are of evil in nature, this is only justifying evil and is a complete lie. Evil never results in good; it only results in more evil. The wicked will use you until you are no longer valuable to them and then they will cast you aside in ruin. Of course, they will justify your ruin by saying it had to be done – it was a means to the end.

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