Galavant is a HUGE Disappointment

Dan Fogelman (Tangled) teams up with composer Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast) and lyricist Glenn Slater (Tangled) to create a new mini series called Galavant. The commercials promoting the series made it look like a Princess Bride type of comedy. Sounds like a series that the whole family would enjoy – right? Not so fast. This is NOT a family series nor is it funny. ABC aired the show at 7:00 central/8:00 eastern. As mentioned above, the creators of this series have created in the past some very nice family films. There is no reason to think that this was going to be a smutty comedy. Within the first few minutes, the King was telling the damsel in distress that “We are going to do it”. He said this over and over. All I could think of was, the families sitting together on the couch with their popcorn and Mom saying, “OK we can’t watch this.”

Here are the highlights (or I should say lowlights) of the first episode.

  • Galavant and the Princess are in love.
  • The King sees the princess, wants her and kidnaps her.
  • The King takes her to the castle where he tells her he is going to force her to marry him, she will be the richest woman in the land and then they will “do it”. He continues to say over and over that they will “do it”.
  • The next day is the wedding and Galavant busts in to save the Princess. The Princess turns out to be a gold digger and tells Galavant she would prefer to marry the King.
  • Galavant distressed by his lost love goes on a drinking binge for a year.
  • The King never can satisfy the Queen. She is constantly nagging, complaining and comparing the king to Galavant. The Queen is having an affair with the court jester and it is obvious to everyone except the King.
  • Another princess, Princess of Valencia visits Galavant. Princess of Valencia hopes Galavant will help her save her parents. Galavant blows her off. Later, at a bar, the drunken Galavant can’t pay for his drink. He sees the Princess of Valencia and decides to talk to her – so she will buy him a drink.
  • The Princess of Valencia is really working for the King. There is a scene where she is talking to the King and the court is calling her “chunky”.

That was all I could take and I stopped watching. Oh wait, they also would break out into song and dance every so often. The songs were about killing Galavant, genocide and stuff like that.

There was nothing funny about this show. It was a huge disappointment. How this aired on prime time is beyond me.

3 thoughts on “Galavant is a HUGE Disappointment

  1. Admittedly, the humor was juvenile, but “smutty”? They are trying to follow the example of other Medieval parodies like the Monty Python-inspired “Spamalot”. Maybe Menken’s getting tired of writing for Disney princess stories after “doing it” for 25 years. Beats me. Sorry you were disappointed though.

    When I saw the commercials I just assumed they were trying to retain the 18-35 crowd, since Galavant is a “placeholder” for Once Upon a Time while that show is on hiatus. If they put a kiddie show there, they might lose that audience.

    Oh well, you can get a DVD box set of The Adventures of Robin Hood (1950s) for less than $20.


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