Ellen Barkin Hates Me

If someone disagrees with you, that is not hate. But, if someone disagrees with you and you want that person dead, that is hate. Ellen Barkin is a hater.

My first exposure to Ellen Barkin’s hate is when she tweeted that she wished Hurricane Isaac would “wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean!” I thought it was a drunken tweet and that she would be so embarrassed in the light of day. Not Ellen Barkin, she stood behind her hateful tweet. Wow! I don’t even know this woman but because I’m pro-life, she wants me dead. I also wondered if she realizes that she is xenophobic? Barkin is not the first to spread hate propaganda. Throughout human history, oppressors used this hate propaganda to poison the minds of the people, to take over and eventually kill the people they felt were in the way or felt were inferior “non-persons”.  The Nazi used hate propaganda and look what happened. Not saying Barkin is a leader of this new hate movement, she is just helping spread hate.

On November 1, Ellen Barkin tweeted “News flash…a fetus cannot talk. It is not a person. Not even a baby, not even an infant. Nope. Sorry.” I don’t know what is more stupid, that tweet or the fact that people actually favored and retweeted it. Stupid or crazy, you decide. Who does Ellen Barkin think she is to decide who is a person and who is a “non-person”? Who does Ellen Barkin think she is to decide who has a right to live and who should die? Ellen Barkin claims to be an atheist yet why is she playing the role of God? So, Ms. Barkin believes you are only a person if you talk. What about people who are mute, who can’t talk? Does she consider them “non-persons?” Does she think people have a right to kill all babies before the time they otter their first word. What about someone that has surgery on their throat and can’t speak for a time. During the time they can’t speak are they considered a “non-person?”  In this country, at the time of slavery, African-Americans were considered “non-persons.” The Nazi’s considered Jewish people “non-persons”. Ironically, although Barkin is an atheist, according to Wikipedia she came from a Jewish family. One would think that she would be a little more sensitive to the whole person versus “non-person” hate agenda.

Lately it seems everybody is a hater. Well, anyone that disagrees with the cultural agenda of the day. It seems the mantra of the progressives is if you don’t agree with me then you are against me, you are a “hater.” I think that this sort of logic (or lack of) would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous. With progressives there is no such thing as tolerance. Or sure, they scream about intolerance but their definition of intolerance means to agree with them or bully you into submission (or try to at least). They are especially brutal to Christians and the Catholic Church is their main target. The thing is, and this is very important, if someone disagrees with you they don’t hate you. If someone disagrees with you, they disagree with you which is not the same thing as hate. If a disagreement meant that you were hated, my Mom must have hated me throughout my teenage years. That is a joke of course, my Mom loves me but we did not agree on much while I was a teenager. My Mom loved me enough to stand up and teach me right from wrong. How much easier her life would have been back then just to let me do what I wanted. But no, she loved me enough to put her foot down and deal with a strong willed teenager.

Speaking of Moms, in a press conference in September 2004 Barkin said, “I am the mother of a 12-year-old girl and I can tell you unequivocally that if my daughter was pregnant, I would take her kicking and screaming to have an abortion.” What is the difference between what Barkin would have done to her daughter and what a sex trafficker would have done? Or, what about if a pedophile forced her daughter to have an abortion to cover up his crime? There is no difference except for that a mother is supposed to be the protector. Forcing your daughter, kicking and screaming, to rip out her unborn child out of her womb is not protecting her. I’m sure Barkin’s statement didn’t win her a Mother of the Year Award. And, as a grandma – YIKES! If or when Barkin’s children have children of their own, I hope they keep a keen eye on Grandma, at least until their children are old enough to “talk”.

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