They Over Did it With Black Friday

They Over Did it With Black Friday

It seems to me that Black Friday started on Halloween this year. I was watching TV on the night of Halloween when I saw a Black Friday car commercial. Which doesn’t make sense since Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving not the day after Halloween. Ever since Halloween, more and more Black Friday savings commercials and advertisements have been popping up. I think by selling the term “Black Friday” instead of the actual day, retailers have lost the original intention of Black Friday and turned it into an everyday term like sale, big sale, huge sale or gigantic sale. Nobody gets excited when they see a sign that says “Huge Sale”. It is the same sale, different day.

At first, Black Friday was supposed to be the one day that you could get the most incredible deal but not anymore. Pre-Black Friday sales and Pre-Pre-Black Friday sales have the same deals and you don’t have to stand in a long line. Cyber Monday has the same deals, if not better, and you can purchase your gifts online in the comfort of your warm home. I doubt that the sales on Thanksgiving would beat the prices of Black Friday and many consumers are very put off by the retailers forcing employees to work on a big, family holiday. It was bad enough when Christmas commercialism took over from Halloween to Christmas, but now to completely dismiss Thanksgiving as a holiday? And, just in case you don’t have enough time to shop, many retailers are open around the clock the week leading up to Christmas.

It is really insane if you think about it. Christmas comes the same day every year. You have exactly 364 days to prepare and shop for Christmas and this is without any extended hours. Retailers are now open on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Day is a day when families get together to give thanks to God for their many blessings, for life and loved ones. Instead of being with loved ones, a person will leave to buy presents to give at another holiday to show how much they love them. I don’t get it.

I don’t know but I hope that Black Friday has been done as far as it can go. I hope that people are so sick of the term “Black Friday” that it completely turns them off. I hope people understand that the sales on Thanksgiving Day will be offered many more days throughout the month of December. With this in mind, I hope they decide just to stay home and be with loved ones.

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