They Are in Control

So there is a class of people in the corporate world that make all the decisions. No one has ever seen them but they go by the name “They.” “They” make all the rules and “They” say what is fair. “They” were the ones that decided to lay you off from your job. “They” cut your pay. When asked who “They” are, no one seems to know. I guess “They” are so far up the food chain that “They” are beyond everyone’s pay grade. “They” also go beyond corporate. It is “They” who tell us what we want to eat, buy, say, be, and who to vote for. “They” run this world.

Since no one has been able to pull back the curtain, or lived to tell about it, I’m guessing “They” are a group of the very rich whose whole existence is focused on getting even wealthier. “They” put people in groups, none of which have the “rich” in the title. These groups include but are not limited to: women, African American, homosexual, Latino, etc. “They” think that each group has the same mind, desires, experience, aspirations, and talents. “They” tell us what we want, what we don’t want, how to dress, talk, who to vote for, and basically how to think. Every election “They” tell us what is wrong with our different communities and who is to blame. Whatever “They” are pushing usually ends up with someone getting richer and it’s not the person “They” are peddling to. “They” know that people will not just do what “They” tell them to. So, “They” hire a leader for each minority group to promote their agenda for them. “They” love their puppet leaders and treat them extremely well. This way “They” will keep their puppet leaders happy and coming back for more. “They” buy loyalty. “They” are brilliant and this formula has worked for them for decades at least.

I’m not trying to create an “us versus them” scenario; I’m just hoping people start looking beyond the rhetoric. Especially this November, I hope people will go beyond the brainwashing sound bites and make an educated decision.

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