Surprise, the Abortion Promoting Queen, Gloria Steinem Campaigns for Pro-Abortion IL Governor Quinn

Surprise, the abortion promoting queen, Gloria Steinem campaigns for pro-abortion IL Governor Candidate Pat Quinn. Both candidates for governor in the state of Illinois are pro-abortion, however Quinn is a democrat and Steinem is the pro-abortion Democrat machines pro-abortion darling.

Why would Pat Quinn and/or the Democrat Party think that Steinem’s backing would make a difference to the people of Illinois? She does not live in the state of Illinois. I understand why Steinem would campaign for Quinn since she has made a lot of money promoting abortion. I would imagine that she is trying to protect her career and investments. But, why would Quinn think that her endorsement means anything? It is interesting how politics works and by interesting, I really mean stupid and arrogant.

Here’s the thing, there are a bunch of rich men that clump all the minorities in groups – the women vote, the black vote, the gay vote, the Latino vote, etc. In their opinion each group is of one mind and that none of us can think for ourselves. It is pathetic! I am a woman that lives in the state of Illinois. I neither respect Gloria Steinem nor do I care who she thinks I should vote for. Gloria Steinem does not represent all women and she certainly does not represent me.

Steinem started her speech by saying “I’m so very proud to be in the same room with Governor Pat Quinn.” Okay, nothing wrong with that but then she says, “there’s more virtue where there’s more choice”. What? Really? Since when is it virtuous to kill an innocent helpless human being? Abortion is not virtuous! According to, the definition of virtuous is as follows:

  1. conforming to moral and ethical principles; morally excellent; upright:

“Lead a virtuous life.”

  1. chaste:

“a virtuous young person.”

She went on to say that Governor Quinn because he came from privilege and choose to help the rest of us with privilege makes him “more virtuous than the rest of us.” Quinn is pro-abortion and again, there is nothing virtuous about killing an innocent human being. There is nothing virtuous about promoting the killing of an innocent, helpless human being.

Steinem continues,

“It was always very clear that Governor Quinn is the most pro-women, pro-child governor in the country.”

Abortion is not pro-women. Abortion hurts women and even sometimes kills them. Let’s not forget that more than 55 million babies have been aborted in this country since 1973 – half of the 55 million babies aborted were female. How can this be pro-women? As far as pro-child, in order to be a child you first have to be born. So, Quinn is for killing the unborn but if the unborn are lucky enough to be born, then he cares about them. This makes absolutely no sense.

This is not an indorsement for Rauner. Although, Steinem says Rauner is pro-life, Rauner refers to himself as pro-choice.

2 thoughts on “Surprise, the Abortion Promoting Queen, Gloria Steinem Campaigns for Pro-Abortion IL Governor Quinn

  1. I like it how prochoice women say that it’s none of the men’s business unless they are prochoice. Then men can talk about it all they want.

    And as someone formally from Illinois I’m appalled. But I live in California now and its not any better.

    Nice post.

    God Bless 🙂

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