Gloria Steinem and the Abortion Machine

I have been seeing the hideous picture of Gloria Steinem a lot lately. You know the one where she is wearing a T-shirt that says “I had an abortion.” The picture where she is smiling from ear to ear and her arms up in the air making some sort of gesture with her hands. In case you don’t know what picture I am talking about, you can view it here. It doesn’t surprise me that she would wear a T-shirt promoting her abortion since she makes a very good living promoting abortion. But, what is up with the hand gesture? Well, I spent many hours researching the hand gesture and let’s just say I found nothing good. And, what I did find, it didn’t surprise me.

This picture of Ms. Steinem is not new. It was taken in 2004 as a promotion to try to “normalize” abortion. I guess the idea was to show that she had an abortion and look she is doing great. As if to say, “you too can kill your off spring and not feel a thing”. This campaign is so offensive! In 2004, Jennifer Baumgardner, abortion activist, launched the “I had an abortion” project. This project included a book, photo exhibit and documentary film featuring 10 women who had an abortion including Ms. Steinem. I’m not sure about the other 9 women interviewed but, since Ms. Steinem and Ms. Baumgardner have made their careers promoting abortion, I doubt this project showed any real truth. It was probably more like a very long commercial promoting the intrinsic evil of killing unborn babies. This promotion didn’t go very far, probably because women today have more information and well, it is just plain offensive.

On November 11, 2002 a campaign “Silent No More” began. This campaign brings public awareness to the devastation abortion brings to women and men. Women and men tell their stories about how they regret abortion. Currently there are 15,639 people registered with the Campaign representing 77 countries. Abortion for many people is a dirty little secret that they don’t talk about…ever. These brave women and men speak about the devastation they experienced due to abortion. They do this not for money but because they don’t want the same devastation to happen to anyone else. In my opinion, they are the true heroes of feminism, of family and of life.  You can visit the “Silent No More” website here. I find it interesting that Jennifer Baumgardner started her “I had an abortion” project two years after the “Silent No More” campaign. It looks to me like Baumgardner is nothing more than a hack.

Just when I thought the offensive campaign “I had an abortion” was over, it surfaced again. I guess the multi-billion (billion with a “B”) abortion industry will not give up that easily. I don’t think they are promoting Baumgardner’s project anymore but it is basically the same story. You can read about it here.

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