The Truth About Angels

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a person say, “I believe my grandmother (or another relative) is my guardian angel.” Or, when someone passes away, a person may say, “Heaven has a new angel.” Both statements are incorrect. Another misconception, I believe created by Hollywood, is the notion that a demon can procreate with a human to create some sort of demon spawn.

God created two beings, humans and angels. Humans cannot be angels and vice versa. When you die, you don’t become an angel. You don’t sprout wings. You don’t become someone’s guardian angel and then have to gain your wings. And, when a bell rings it doesn’t mean that an angel received wings. Our goal is Heaven. If you make it into Heaven, you have made the ultimate goal. Halleluiah! Thanks be to God! Even though a loved one does not become your guardian angel, that person is still with you, loving you and praying for you always.wire_men

Every human is assigned a guardian angel. This is decided way before he/she is born. Your guardian angel stays with you for your whole life. Angels do not have breaks or go on vacation. If it seems at times your guardian angel is sleeping on the job, it is because of free will. God granted us free will and the angels cannot take it away.

There are good angels and fallen angels. Both have a far superior intellect than humans. Angels are neither male nor female. They are spiritual and immortal so they have no need to procreate. God gave humans the ability to procreate but did not share this gift with the angels.

The next time you are at your block party and the cranky old man next door makes a wise crack about your kids being “demon spawn”, you will be able to set him straight. You may even suggest he not receive his knowledge of Christianity from the gospel according to Hollywood, secular media or from the church of Oprah Winfrey.

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