Our Lady And The Dishes

Mary_and_the_dishes I never used to like cleaning dishes. It was the chore I dreaded the most. Problem was, the only thing I disliked more than cleaning dishes was a sink full of dirty ones. I don’t know why I disliked cleaning dishes so much. Perhaps, it was because the chore is never ending. It always seemed that as soon as I finished cleaning the dishes, and wiping out the sink, a magical dirty dish would appear out of nowhere.   And, once there was one dirty dish, they seemed to multiply by the minute. I wonder how much time I’ve wasted, throughout the years, dreading cleaning dishes. Looking back at it now, it seems silly to allow something so trivial to change one’s mood.

My outlook on dishes changed soon after I committed to saying the Rosary daily. I didn’t think that committing to pray the Rosary daily would be that hard. Couldn’t I find 20 minutes to pray with our Mother Mary? It soon became clear to me that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. Some days it was easy but many times there were not enough hours in the day. Something pressing would happen and the Rosary would end up being pushed to the end of day, right before bed. I started staying up much later and suffering for it the next day. The lack of sleep would add up until, by Saturday, I could hardly keep my eyes open. Things changed once I received a copy of the Rosary on CD. Soon after that, my dread for doing dishes had ended. I decided to offer dish time in prayer. Now, instead of spending the whole time cleaning dishes wishing I was doing anything but, I spend that time praying with our Mother Mary. I realize that praying the Rosary while cleaning dishes is not the best way to pray. But, there is really no wrong way to pray the Rosary. I find the repetition of the prayer, with the repetition of cleaning dishes very calming.

I no longer dread doing the dishes. Instead, I look forward to it. I love the idea of spending time in the kitchen with Our Lady, reminiscing about her son Jesus. And, I love asking her to pray for all of us. Even if I’ve already prayed my “committed” Rosary, I still will pray with Mary while cleaning the dishes. I’ve also found that I enjoy praying the Rosary in the car, cleaning the house, and when I go for a walk. Of course, I still love to pray the Rosary kneeling with my beads. Praying the Rosary at least once daily has made a huge impact on my well-being. I’ve also notice that my life seems less dramatic, less stressful. I have the same drama and stress as before but it is how I react to the events of the day that has changed. I don’t sweat the small stuff and the big stuff I hand to God.

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary. Have you prayed the Rosary today? If you don’t know how to pray the Rosary and would like to learn, you can visit here for instruction.

2 thoughts on “Our Lady And The Dishes

  1. I love your solution! I live 20 minutes out from the nearest town, and find that I’m always going in to town, almost every day, for something or other. I decided to use that time for prayer, and these days it’s the Rosary. (I’ve also determined to pray the Rosary every day.) I love that time with Mary while driving! (Hopefully driving with only one hand, while the other’s holding my Rosary, isn’t *too* dangerous!)

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  2. Thank you for sharing your relationship with Our Lady and the rosary:-) Our Blessed Mother has brought me so much closer to Her Son; meditating on the rosary has completely changed by faith life.

    And thanks for the picture…I will be adding a little statue of The Blessed Mother to my kitchen where I spend so much time:-)

    Love and blessings in Christ,

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