IL Gov. Race: A Lose-Lose “Choice”

Illinois Prolife voters are going to have a tough decision to make come this November. Specifically, the vote for Governor since both candidates, incumbent Pat Quinn and Bruce Rauner, are pro-abortion. How can one vote for the “lesser of two evils” when both candidates promote the intrinsic evil of abortion? Both candidates talk about how they care about the good people of Illinois. Both candidates have plans for the betterment of Illinois and the people who live there. But, do they really care about the people of Illinois? The unborn child is the most vulnerable and the poorest of poor among us. Instead of protecting the least among us, both candidates promote abortion as a solution. This is a very important point; a pro-abortion candidate promotes the killing of a preborn citizen as a solution. If a candidate believes that killing innocent humans is a solution, does that candidate really care about the people he/she will serve?

Quinn’s campaign has focused on issues like raising the minimum wage and job creation. His campaign slogan is “EVERYBODY IN NOBODY LEFT OUT”. I believe Quinn is trying to convey the message that we are all inclusive with no exclusions. But, Quinn is pro-abortion and excludes the unborn. His slogan should be “EVERYBODY I DEEM WORTHY IS IN, THE REST OF YOU GET OUT.”

Bruce Rauner’s campaign slogans remind me of Obama’s “Hope” and “Change.” The slogans are vague and are completely subject to interpretation. What does “SHAKE UP SPRINGFIELD. BRING BACK ILLINOIS.” mean to Bruce Rauner? Is he talking about Illinois before the economic downturn? If my memory serves me correct, before the economic downturn Illinois had a corrupt governor. In fact, 4 out of the last 7 Illinois governors have been convicted and imprisoned. Is that the kind of Illinois governor Rauner wants to bring back to Illinois?

The lack of prolife candidates is nothing new. The prolife movement will continue to grow and fight against the injustice of abortion, whether the governor is on their side or not. But, as a person who is prolife and pro-women, it is a bit disheartening to see another prolife lose-lose on a voter’s ballot. I guess we can start working on the next election.

copyright Modern Catholic Women
copyright Modern Catholic Women

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